Upholstery Cleaning

ServiceMaster of Decorah are experts at upholstery cleaning and will select the correct cleaning system for various fabric types and soil conditions.


At home or at work, fabric furnishings are often heavily used and thus show soil and dirt quickly. ServiceMaster of Decorah professionals are experts at selecting the correct cleaning system for various fabric types and soil conditions.

For all upholstery cleaning, our technicians use specially-designed products, equipment, and methods every step of the way, including initial vacuuming and spot treatment, cleaning, rinsing, water extraction, and washing and polishing frames.


Here’s what you can expect when you call ServiceMaster of Decorah for your upholstery cleaning:

  • Cleaner furniture to help maintain their appearance.
  • Spots and stains will be treated. Fabric will be cleaned.
  • Save money otherwise spent on expensive replacements.
  • Thorough and professional procedures.
  • Experienced professionals.
  • Our Guarantee


Here are some tips for maintaining your upholstery items:


  • Avoid direct sunlight: Modern furniture fabrics are usually very resilient to sunlight. However, under extreme exposure, even these show signs of fading.
  • Plump cushions often: Cushion fillings lose their ability to bounce back if not plumped up to reshape them. Plumping cushions will help them last longer.
  • Rotate cushions often: Cushions that are not rotated may experience premature damage and unnecessary wear and tear. To ensure a longer life for your cushions, rotate them often.
  • Vacuum: Upholstered furniture should be vacuumed on a regular basis to remove dust and loose dirt.
  • Cleaning spills: Spills left unattended may set as stains. Blot when spills occur, never rub! Protect the area until dry.